Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wonky Spes Bona

This week I attended a workshop by Judy Morningstar and had a wonderful time learning to give character to buildings. For some time I have been giving thought to trying my hand at buildings but I wanted to give them some personality instead of producing them from an architectural perspective, and this was a great starting point. The background of this quilt is poverty pieced, from scraps of blue fabric that were stitched together in a random manner. I took some artistic license with the composition of the structure but those who know it say it is still quite recognizable as the heritage home that houses the offices at Sorrento Centre. I guess that's what this fun style is all about.

After making the house wonky I didn't want to make the edges of the quilt straight, so you can see that it is wonky in all aspects -- it ended up looking a bit like it is sitting on a star -- quite appropriate, I thought :)