Sunday, October 25, 2015

Eco print purses are ready!

Wow, it is a whole month since I posted here and I have been busy creating purses and scarves from my eco printed fabric.

This weekend I bundled up some more fabric with fall leaves and they are now curing for the next four or five days ... it is SO hard to wait that long to unroll the bundles and see what prints have appeared.  This time I used one pot to which I added just a little cutch and some pomegranate tea (the fabric looks warm brown on the outside of the bundles) and a second pot to which I added some logwood and osage along with rusty iron spikes (they look bluer on the outside of the bundles). 
Here are the bundles after they were taken from the pots and they are draining and curing in this mesh basket. The two darker bundles are scarves that I have over-printed to get some more distinct prints in the middle of them ... they were quite dark already so I am interested to see how they turn out this time ... maybe I shouldn't have added more iron, but I'm being adventuresome!

I have been working on a new design for purses using this eco printed fabric. They are a little larger than my usual little fold-over purses and they also have a sturdy zipper along the top.  I listed the first one in my Etsy shop today and will list more during the coming week.
I am also working on some of my "usual" design purses (one of them was listed in my shop today) as I know that some people just love that design.

Please drop by my Etsy shop to see more photos

What do you think of them????