Sunday, July 20, 2014

More indigo . . .

Well, time sure flies . . . I had intended to post a few more photos of the indigo workshop I took earlier this month but with one thing and another, I just didn't do so until today.
These photos are of sample pieces that I dipped in the indigo vat after doing a variety of shibori techniques on the white fabric. We used a variety of fabric ... some cotton, linen, silk as well as some vintage doilies and a silk scarf that I over-dyed. 

The piece that is on the cylinder is a silk scarf that has been wrapped with cord and then pushed to the end of the cylinder before being immersed in the indigo vat several times. The resulting piece has a beautiful chevron look pattern and the wrinkles will stay in the fabric as long as it does not get wet ... must take a photo of that for you to see, too.

I am also working on a piece that was designed by the course leader, Thomas Roach. It is a prayer cloth that has been dyed as a whole cloth and then folded in a specific manner to create a very beautiful cloth that is lined with quilt batting. I am currently working on hand embroidery stitching on it . . . photos to come :0)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dyeing with Indigo

I am taking a workshop this week at Sorrento Centre that focuses on dyeing fabric with natural indigo dye. It is such fun to be a participant in the class and to have fun of playing with fabric for hours each day.

This workshop is led by Thomas Roach who is a talented textile artist from Vancouver and he is preparing vats of dye for us and teaching us all about indigo as well as shibori stitching techniques. I have never worked with indigo before and I love the way it turns from green to blue once it comes out of the vat and hits the air ... who knew!! For two days we have been creating samples on cotton and silk and tomorrow we will start work on a larger piece, a personal prayer cloth, using some of these techniques.

Here is a photo of Thomas and a couple of the participants dipping their samples into the vat . . .
I will try to remember to take some pictures of our samples and post them later ... they are gorgeous!