Friday, December 19, 2008

Blue Triangles emerging

I had so much fun playing with the green and gold creations that I just had to try it out in a different colour scheme. This time I used some hand dyed blue fabric and cut it into triangles and fused it to a piece of royal purple felt. I then layered it with bits of metallic glitter, some pieces of colourful metallic icicles (Christmas decorating stock), fuzzy yarns and bits of Angelina. The top layer is aqua organza and then it is free-motion stitched in purple thread and in a blue variegated thread around the triangles and in between them in garnet stitch. I burned a bit of the organza away to allow a few peek-a-boo holes in which I could insert some amethyst seed beads but I didn't distort the fibres as much as I did in the first example.

You will also see a couple of greeting cards that I made using pieces of this fabrication -- unfortunately, the colour is not very true (the cardstock is pure white but it looks pink on my monitor . . .)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing with fibre art greeting cards

Today has been a day to play with fabrics and fibres. The piece at the left is a photo taken after I had layered pieces of hand-dyed and stamped fabric, bits of threads, glitter, and angelina on a piece of black felt. I then added a piece of greenish gold organza and secured the layers by stitching around the shapes and between them in garnet stitch with a variegated green-brown thread. The effect was quite beautiful but I decided to try melting a bit of the organza away to see the effect -- it added some more depth and texture and I found that some of the little holes that were created were the perfect spot to add a few tiny beads.

The next photos show two greeting cards that I made using pieces of the fabric that I created and pieced with a beautiful sage green felt. They look quite elegant. The picture of the black card is not very great -- I will try to take a better one so that you can see it better. Please click on the photo so you can see the images in greater detail.