Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New purses for spring

After a busy week in Alberta I am back home and working on some new purses to re-build my inventory. It has been fun selecting some fabrics especially for spring and summer and then doing a bit of different embellishing.

You might recognize the fabric in the first purse . . . I have made several from this batik with the dark blue, tan and plum tones because it is so very versatile and I absolutely love it. Each of the purses I have made from it is a little different but they all can go from everyday wear to dressy casual with ease. I think this might have been the last piece so I'll have to find a new favourite. It has a lot of seed stitches on the back. . . The daisy purse doesn't show up too well in the photos but it has daisies hand-stitched on it with beaded centre . . . click on the photo to zoom in. . . The green purse has a luscious variegated green lining (the same fabric as I used for the base of the key fob) and blanket-stitched and beaded edging . . . there's lots of that on the purses I've created in the past couple of months. . . . the neutral batik print purse needs a new photo for sure as it is a beautiful restful fabric that will go from casual to dressy with ease.

I have made co-ordinating wristlet key fobs for some of the purses . . . I will wait and see if they are popular as an additional purchase or if they more frequently sell by themselves. I've just ordered more key fob hardware in a slightly smaller size so I'll try them out for the next few that I make.

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