Saturday, September 3, 2011

Delightful Dove Purse

This purse was a custom design which was a delight to make . . . my customer asked for a purse of specific dimensions and design and that it have a dove on it ... and warm colours. Those were great parameters for me and, after more emails we decided that the base fabric for the purse would be navy blue. The purse you see in the photo was created on a base of navy blue linen and the orange and rust hand-dyed cottons are stitched to the linen in softly undulating curves. The dove was created separately, being quilted onto cotton quilt batting, it was then cut out and appliqued to the warm curves. The extra layer of batting behind the dove, gives it just a little additional texture.

The bag is about 10" square as you see it in the photo above, but the flap is also an extension of the purse (it is a large pouch) so there is lots of room for various things that you like to carry with you. The "back" side of the purse has a few drifts of orange fabric as well as the free motion stitching (in both navy and orange threads) which covers the entire bag.

There is hand stitching on the front of the bag and there are additional accessories which go with the bag: a wallet, card case, and eyeglass case.

Here is a photo of the back side of the bag

and the complete set.

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rooee said...

what a beautiful set! so clever! your work is so unique...