Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP - Fibre Art Journal Class Sample

I am working on a new class sample for a workshop I will be teaching this fall ... and condensing it from a four-day workshop into two days!  It has been a bit of a challenge to figure out what I will have time to teach in those two days and to give the participants a vision of how their finished journal will look.

The accordion style journal is such fun to make and I hope that these students will enjoy the process as much as the finished product.

So far, I have created all the fibre art samples that I am going to include and now I am working on the finishing touches ... finishing the outer edge and adding some more embellishments to the pages.

Here is one side of it so far ...

and this is the other side, photographed with some of the threads and beads that I am considering ...

I hope to finish this pretty darn quickly and will post some more photos of it later.

By the way, a WIP is a Work in Progress :)


thebutterflyquilter said...

I love how it is coming out. I hope it works out as a two day workshop for you. Beautiful as always Kathy!

DownHome Designs said...

Beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun!