Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fibre Art Journal #2

Here are the photos of the fibre art journal that I showed you pictures of when it was in progress a few weeks ago.  I have had most of the finishing touches done for some time but, you know, there is always something else that I can add . . . this is a project where you can keep adding finishing touches because it is an item that will be viewed up close for the details that you have created!

This particular fibre art journal showcases techniques that I will teach in an upcoming workshop and I think that the participants will have a great time deciding which of their favourite techniques to include in their journal. If you click on the images, you can zoom in for a closer look.

The accordion journal is double sided so, at this size, there are ten spaces to be filled.
Here is the second side . . .

For this journal I chose to use a black cotton background fabric and my samples are primarily in the green and gold colourway, with little accents of purple.

Some of the techniques include several edge finishes, altered cloth, hand beading, funky hand embroidery, covered sticks and cords, thread painted leaves and organza leaves, fibre art beads, couching threads and cords, hand stamped fabric ... and, of course, I had to include some of the samples on my hand painted and hand dyed fabric.

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