Monday, February 16, 2015

Painting Fabric - Purses on a Theme

 The painting bug bit me on the weekend and I found myself exploring grapes leaves and the image of grapes.

The grape leaves came to life when I used moss green and copper textile paint in a stencil that I had cut (using a neighbour's grape leaves as a pattern). I kept the paint brush fairly dry and did not try to completely blend the green and copper paints.

The grapes were stamped with the same paints using a piece of rubber glued to the end of an old thread spool ... once again, I took care to be sure that both colours of paint showed.

The top purse has been painted on a piece of natural colour linen-cotton blend fabric and the strap is the same fabric.

The second purse has been painted onto a piece of cotton fabric that I had previously painted with this beautiful lime green and metallic copper. I love the way the fabric has light areas and some that are more intense colour.  The strap on this purse has been created by stitching together a twist of several yarns and ribbon.

These are both cross body purses but could also be worn from the shoulder.

I painted on the back of each of these purses, too. It was just too much fun to stop at the front side!

Here is the back side of each of them.  There are more photos of each of the purses in the listing of them in my Etsy shop (

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