Friday, September 25, 2015

What I have been up to . . .

Yikes, it is three months since I made a blog post so today I will try to remedy that.  I have been contemplating some new additions to my fibre art and have been doing a bit of reading an dreaming this past year of what it might be like to create some of my own fabric using local leaves and plants. I am not great on diving in without research, though, so when Melissa Nasby of Soulfibre Studio in Salmon Arm offered an eco printing workshop I decided to hop on board and let her organize my first day of eco printing! 

It was SO much fun that I had to come home and immediately dive into it myself . . . I am still searching for nice big pots, including a cast iron pot, but for the moment my old stainless steel pot is doing the job.  Today I am over-printing some cotton fabric that had a couple of areas with good colour but indistinct prints.  The hardest part is waiting the 3-5 days before unwrapping the bundles!
I wrapped the fabric around a branch of horse chestnut tree with lichen on it to see what, if any, effect that might have on the process.

I posted a couple of other pictures on my Facebook page, if you would like to see them (

I'll try to not be so long posting the next time!

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