Friday, March 18, 2016

Freshly painted fireplace

After mentioning in a previous post that I was going to paint our fireplace brick, I have had a few people asking if it is finished ... well, finally, it IS finished!

The original brick was that gold colour, popular in the seventies ... the colour never appealed to me but it took a lo-o-o-ong while before I could convince hubby that we could paint it.  Having had differing advice on what colour it should be, I went with my gut feeling which was to paint it the same colour as the trim in the house (Benjam Moore's Cloud White). Our great room faces north and, in spite of lots of huge windows, I wanted to lighten it up as much as I could.  Who knows if it will remain white but, for now, I love it and it provides a great backdrop for my circle of salmon art quilt! I also found a great deal on the small seagrass baskets that are nestled under the hearth ... a great place to store guitar tuners and picks as well as knitting projects or out of season mitts and hats.


teachpany said...

That looks really good!

JM in Toronto said...

Kathy, it looks so bright and clean! I think you made the right decision to paint it.

Astrid said...

It looks great! Love the white color. Recently I painted our bedroom, it went from old fashioned pink (a bit dark color) to very light grey, love how it turned out.