Friday, September 18, 2009

More little purses

I have been having lots of fun creating new little purses lately so here are a few more that have emerged this week. . . I'll add some more photos of others in the next while.

Most of these little bags are approximately 6" x 7" (give or take an inch) and have a strap that is long enough to wear across your body.

The first photo is of the detail on the flap of the purse that is shown on the model. I have included the model photo so that you can get an idea of the size and the way these little purses fit.

The third photo shows a bag that was made from re-purposed fabric given to me by a fibre art friend (so I'm not sure of the fibre content). The design and stitching is part of the original fabric and I have simply created a purse from it (this one has a little buttoned pocket on the inside, too) and then I added the bead cluster on the lower flap and bead trails on the front and back of the purse. The fabric has some "pleats" in part of it which adds to the texture and interest.

The brightly coloured bag was so much fun to make with leftovers from a quilt -- the little circles and ovals are added and stitched in layers and it has a wonderful bright lining in similar tones.

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