Friday, November 6, 2009

Pre-Christmas Sales

I'm getting ready to do a couple of local pre-Christmas sales and the first one is tomorrow at the Cedar Centre just down the road. I will be selling my little purses as well as greeting cards and landscapes. I will also do another craft sale next Saturday in Sorrento.

Norm made me a great "tree" on which to display my purses and I think it should work well. It is made from dowels and I have washed it with a dark blue paint so that it still shows the wood but blends in with the dark blue table covers that I use. I have eighteen purses ready and they should all fit on the tree.

Here's a pic of the bed in the spare room . . . the gathering place for everything. I am very fortunate that my stock is easy to transport and set up . . . I look at some people who have very bulky and/or heavy items and I'm glad that mine is easier to move about.

The landscapes are a bit more difficult to display but I use an easel with a ceiling tile that is covered with flannelette to hold a couple of them and others go in seagrass baskets on the tabletop.

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