Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fluttering by with a Work in Progress

One of my art quilts has been "stalled" for a couple of years . . . I started out with wonderful ideas of doing a flight of stylized butterflies across a background of hand dyed fabric (the first piece I ever dyed, that I had been saving for years!) . . . but as I approached the critical time of adding those butterflies, I found that they had lost some of their allure.  I couldn't figure out the problem so I finally rolled up the quilt and it sat on a shelf for a year or more.

At some point last year I hauled it out again and pinned it to my design wall so that it would not be too far from my thoughts . . . but, still I did nothing with it.

Yesterday, however, I re-discovered one of my favourite books and the wonderful natural life created in fibre by Annemeike Mein, and I decided to play a little bit with a different style of butterfly.    I don't know exactly how she makes her butterflies but I made up my own version using her photos as inspiration.

Here are the wings I made, created as two units of upper and lower wings, free motion stitched in a variety of threads. They have been created on green silk organza with heavy duty Solvy used as a backing.

I still have to create the body of the butterfly, but I am pleased with this first attempt.


Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Lovely wings! Can't wait to see how you incorporate them into a project.

Christina Fairley Erickson said...

I also love Annemeike Mein's work... it looks like you're on your way to getting some progress on your project. I'll look forward to seeing your butterfly on the background.

thebutterflyquilter said...

Love your butterfly! Can't wait to see the finished art quilt!